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New! Secure SD-WAN

What's New

Introducing: Secure SD-WAN

Introducing the latest addition to our networking services toolkit: HOT’s Secure SD-WAN

Following the expansion of the cloud-based Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings, Hydro One Telecom has introduced a new networking solution, Secure SD-WAN, to help customers compete in an increasingly digitally transformed marketplace.

Legacy Wide-Area Network (WAN) services were not built with the demands of today’s digital-intensive workplaces in mind. HOT’s fully managed Secure SD-WAN solution integrates easily with traditional WAN technologies, like MPLS, to route internet-designated traffic safely and directly to the internet thereby increasing network agility, improving the user experience and reducing the costs and complexity of network upgrades. HOT is proud to launch the first security-integrated SD-WAN solution in Canada, powered by Fortinet.

Hydro One Telecom is pleased to announce the launch of its Secure SD-WAN service, powered by Fortinet.

Secure SD-WAN is perfect for your company if you have significant branch office traffic accessing apps hosted in the Cloud or the open Internet. With our new service, businesses across Ontario can direct branch to Internet traffic with better performance and cost savings. Find out more today.

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