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Hydro One Telecom Has The Solution: Secure SD-WAN

We’re in the midst of a technological revolution, and distributed enterprises—those will multiple branch offices—are adopting technologies at a rapid pace in their journey of Digital Transformation.

From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning to SaaS-based platforms and applications that are hosted in the cloud, companies of all types and across industries are being affected by digital technology that’s demanding more bandwidth, speed and security—from more devices—than ever before.

But traditional networks weren’t built to support the cloud-based platforms and applications that are driving today’s workplaces, and legacy network systems are straining to keep up with the increasing and ever-evolving demand.

If your organization is doing business in the cloud while relying on traditional wide-area network (WAN) connectivity, you’re likely not getting the performance you want and need from your network and may also be exposing yourself to greater cybersecurity risks. And since MPLS, Ethernet and Private Line WANs are complex and costly to scale, your options are becoming increasingly limited. 

Secure SD-WAN—Revolutionizing Cyber-Safe Branch Network Connectivity

Secure SD-WAN

Typical SD-WANs (software-defined wide-area networks) combine innovative WAN Edge functionality, including Application Aware Routing, load balancing and traffic shaping, in a single, easy-to-use and even easier-to-implement solution that augments existing WAN services with direct branch-to-Internet connectivity.

But what about security?

With Hydro One Telecom’s new Secure SD-WAN, cybersecurity protection is built right into the solution. Unlike the majority of SD-WAN solutions available in the Canadian market today—which require a Do-It-Yourself approach to bundling SD-WAN with security solutions—Hydro One Telecom’s Secure SD-WAN is built to deliver high-performing and cost-effective network connectivity while mitigating many of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities faced in the cloud. And, as it’s delivered as a fully managed service, traffic can be routed against predetermined criteria to ensure a critical balance between hub-and-spoke and branch-to-Internet data delivery.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For it

We’re offering a free whitepaper as a resource for professionals like you, who may be searching for cost-effective ways to improve your users’ experience in the cloud, while also protecting your sensitive data and operations.

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Learn how Secure SD-WAN can improve your branch network performance while protecting business-critical data and operations.

There’s a game-changing technology in town and it will revolutionize how you architect your network

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