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Hydro One Telecom’s backbone architecture is built for the highest level of network reliability. Spanning more than 6400 kilometres, we interconnect with the other, local, national and global service providers to deliver high bandwidth data services for public and private sector organizations. Our network provides businesses with optimized data communications solutions ideal for mission critical applications requiring resiliency, speed and security.

By leveraging our parent company’s fibre assets- located above-ground on transmission towers across the province- we can deliver the diverse networking solution your organization requires- with connectivity to over 40+ data centres across Ontario and 24/7 support from our award-winning network operations centre.

“I have found that working with Hydro One Telecom- from the solution design through pricing, contracting and activation- they have been highly responsive providing cost effective solutions that work for Gosfield. I look forward to continuing to work with our Hydro One Telecom Team as we grow and expand our network.”

— Rob Petruk, CEO / CTO, Gosfield North Communications

The following map illustrates that Hydro One Telecom service is available in Southern and Eastern Ontario as well as Thunder Bay and Sudbury. For more information about geographic availability, please contact us at 1-866-345-6820.

HybdroOne Telecom map

Technology Partners To be the best, you have to work with the best.

At Hydro One Telecom, we embrace partnerships to strengthen our broadband network delivery and service sustainment capabilities. Through collaboration with specialized technology partners, we can deliver the services and guaranteed data capacity you require to meet your business objectives.

  • Juniper Networks
  • Cisco
  • Eastern Independent Telecommunications
  • FlexITy
  • Alpha Technologies

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About Hydro One Telecom

Hydro One Telecom offers fibre-optic capacity to organizations with broadband network requirements, providing diverse, secure, high-capacity connectivity in Ontario with connections to Montreal, Buffalo and Detroit. At Hydro One Telecom, we leverage our parent company’s fibre assets to deliver telecommunications solutions to service providers, financial institutions, enterprises, public sector organizations, utilities, school boards and more.

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