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  • At Hydro One Telecom, we combine the strength and reliability of a respected utility with the agility of a small provider. We work together with our diverse clientele to devise creative solutions, and our engineering focus and ITIL processes ensure that our services are specifically tailored to meet individual requirements. Our customer satisfaction rating is over 90 per cent, which is a testament to the satisfaction we provide.

    Hydro One Telecom is properly funded, well managed and committed to the telecom business. Our Converged Optical IP/MPLS Network (COIN) is built on Cisco Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexing (ROADM) technology to provide our clients with the flexibility to customize solutions for converged technology, while improving service deliverables and offering competitive pricing.

    Unlike other telecommunications providers, portions of Hydro One Telecom’s network run along Hydro One Limited’s transmission towers. The diverse and physically robust nature of this network makes Hydro One Telecom an ideal choice for high availability networks, disaster recovery and redundancy plans. Hydro One Telecom offers the network stability required to meet the business needs of other carriers, as well as financial institutions, enterprises, public sector organizations, utilities, and more.

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